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Information about the Company and the services provided
What is the CUTN?
Company universal telecommunication network (CUTN) allows a subscriber to receive the whole range of modern telecommunication services through one optical line: Internet, telephony and a number of other services.
How to check the technical capability of providing services to connect to the CUTN?
You can check the technical capability to connect to the CUTN:
- using the site;
- by contacting Company's customer service center;
- by contacting Company's call center by dialing 0-800-10-00-10.
What is the timeline and procedure for connecting to the CUTN?
Term of connection to the CUTN makes up to 7 (seven) days from the date of Agreement conclusion.
After Agreement conclusion, a Company's representative coordinates with the subscriber the date and time of connection to the CUTN.
When connection performance, the subscriber shall sign:
for individuals:
- an Agreement;
- an Order to Connection;
- a Certificate of Connection;
- a Instruction on using the CUTN;
- a Universal Services Order.
for legal entities:
- an Order to Connection;
- a Certificate of Connection.
What equipment shall be connected to the CUTN?
For successful operation of access to the CUTN, the subscriber needs to have a computer (modem is not needed) and a telephone set (in case of ordering telephony service).
How to call a technical dealer?
It is necessary to contact one of the dealers whose details are listed on the Company's website.
Can I get a global static IP address when connecting to the CUTN?
Yes, you can. Detailed information is provided on the site.
What is the maximum amount of phone numbers when connecting to the CUTN?
The maximum amount of telephone numbers provided per access point is 24. If more phone numbers are needed, the technical capability of providing services shall be considered by the Company additionally.
What is a self-service website for?
Using the self-service website, a subscriber can get detailed information about the services consumed, account status, payments made, and also change the list of services ordered.
To enter the site, you shall enter your personal code and password.
Where can I get my personal code?
The personal code and password are contained on the personal card, which is issued upon Agreement conclusion.
In case of loss of a personal card, a subscriber can recover the data necessary to access the self-service website by contacting customer service center.
What are the types of title documents on the ownership of the premises?
The main documents confirming the right of ownership are:
- Certificate of Title.
- Certificate of Inheritance.
- Apartment (Residential Building) Sale and Purchase Agreement.
- Donation Agreement.
- Exchange Agreement.
- Life Maintenance (Care) Contract.
Who has the right to dispose of a phone number: submit applications, receive phone records, re-register a phone number to another person, terminate an Agreement for the provision of communication services by phone number?
A subscriber has the right to dispose of a phone number (if there is a document certifying his/her identity - a passport) or a person entrusted by the subscriber (if there is an original notarized power of attorney and an identity document of the trustee - a passport). If a subscriber is a legal entity, then the application shall be certified with the director’s signature and Company seal.
How is the easy-to-remember phone number index provided?
The cost of an easy-to-remember index varies depending on the number of matching figures in the index and their location. The service is provided in the customer service center of the Company where a subscriber can also get acquainted with the list of available easy-to-remember indexes.
How is the phone number index replaced?
A subscriber needs to personally apply with a passport to the customer service center (for individuals) or with a letter about the need to provide the service (for legal entities), sign the relevant documents on the replacement of the number and pay for the cost of the service. The service shall be rendered within one month.
What is the procedure for rendering services of invoice delivery and phone records?
Courier delivery of correspondence includes monthly delivery of invoices to a subscriber for the services rendered in the past reporting period. According to the preliminary written request of the subscriber and for additional payment, according to Company tariffs, courier correspondence can also include phone records (intercity, international and local). Courier delivery is carried out within 10 working days from the moment the correspondence is formed. The delivery address of courier correspondence is indicated by the subscriber and may differ from the actual address of the provision of services. If the courier correspondence was not delivered to the subscriber before the 20th day of the month, it can be picked up at the customer service center upon producing a power of attorney and an identity document. A subscriber can receive detailed information about telephone conversations made through a self-service website for free.
Is it possible to block the access of unauthorized persons to outgoing communication from a telephone number?
To restrict the access of unauthorized persons to the telephone number line, the Company recommends subscribers to use “Coded Outgoing Calls Restriction” free service.
A subscriber can order the service by contacting in person the Company's customer service center with his/her passport or via self-service website.
What is the procedure for renewing an Agreement terminated by the Company / subscriber?
To renew an Agreement that has been unilaterally terminated due to the non-fulfillment of its conditions, it is necessary to fully repay current debts and file a written application with a copy of the payment document in the customer service center. In case of technical capability, the Company concludes a new Agreement on a general basis.
Terms of repairing subscriber line damage
Damage to a subscriber line, if it is not of a cable nature, is eliminated within a day from the moment of subscriber’s appealing to the repair department. The standard term for elimination of cable damage makes five days.
How long does it take the Company to give answers to subscribers' letters?
In accordance with the legislation of Ukraine (Article 20 of the Law of Ukraine “On the Appeal of Citizens”) the answer to the written appeal of the consumer shall be provided within 30 days from the moment of its receipt by the Company.
What is the procedure for providing services to a branch of an organization without the rights of a legal entity?
An Agreement is concluded with the parent Company. Representation acting without the rights of a legal entity shall independently pay for the services provided. The Company can conclude an agreement with the parent Company represented by a branch director acting on the basis of a power of attorney. In this case, the party under the Agreement shall be the parent Company, while the branch may be mentioned along with the parent Company in the invoices and tax invoices, at the request of the subscriber.
Questions about payment services
How can I find out the status of the account?
Account status can be found out in the following ways:
- by dialing * 901;
- by dialing * 900 and 0-800-10-00-10, number 1 in the IVR menu;
- on the self-service website.
Attention!!! Information about account status is not available during the reporting period.
What are the payment details?
c/a 26004001314403 in OTP Bank, JSC, Kyiv City, MFO 300528
IBAN: UA343005280000026004001314403
Are there any limits on the services provided?
In order to avoid the formation of large receivables from subscribers, the Company introduced division into categories according to the size of the debt limit for communication services provided on credit. For individuals, the limit is UAH 100, for legal entities – UAH 500 per 1 phone number. The maximum debt limit for individuals is UAH 1000, for legal entities - UAH 3000.
What is the time period for the removal of restrictions imposed by the Company?
According to clause 54 of the Rules for the Provision and Receipt of Telecommunication Services, the Company shall restore the access to telecommunication services within 2 (two) days from the date of debt/interest repayment.
What is the procedure for granting a privilege to pay for communication services?
To apply for a privilege, a subscriber shall submit a written application to the customer service center of the Company, with a photocopy of the certificate confirming the privilege and a passport. The period of application consideration is 30 days from the date of its receipt. According to Article 38-2 of the Law of Ukraine “On the Basics of Social Security for Persons with Disabilities in Ukraine”, a subscriber can enjoy a privilege only in one of the categories starting from the moment of filing the application. The privilege is granted if the address of the telephone installation and the registration of the subscriber match.
Is it possible to pay for communication services by third parties?
Yes, it is possible. To do this, it is necessary to execute a Tripartite Agreement Guarantee between the Lender (VELTON.TELECOM, LLC), the Guarantor (the organization that will pay) and the Lendee (the subscriber). Forms of Agreement are available at the customer service center of the Company. At that, the Guarantor’s organization shall not receive tax invoices upon payment, since they are issued to the Lendee.
Is the subscription fee charged for the period when the phone was not working?
If the phone did not work due to a shutdown for arrears, then in accordance with paragraph 54 of the Rules for the Provision and Receipt of Telecommunication Services, the subscription fee shall be charged in full for the period during which the services were not provided due to the subscriber’s fault. If the phone was not working due to damage, then according to Art. 40 of the Law of Ukraine "On Telecommunications", in case the damage is not removed within one day from the moment of its fixation, the subscription fee for the entire period of damage shall not be charged. In case the damage is not remedied for more than five days, the Company shall pay a subscriber a fine of 25% of the daily subscription fee for each day of the five-day period, except for cases when the
Is the subscription fee charged if the phone is disconnected at the initiative of the subscriber?
In accordance with paragraph 54 of the Rules for the Provision and Receipt of Telecommunication Services, the subscription fee for the period of disconnecting the telephone number at the initiative of the subscriber shall be paid in full.
What is the procedure for issuing invoices, acceptance certificates, acts of reconciliation for communication services?
The invoice for communication services is a certificate of services acceptance. A subscriber can receive a package of documents for the reporting period in the Company’s central administrative office or order a paid service of correspondence delivery. When closing the reporting period, the issuance of documents for the previous month is not performed (approximately from the 01st to the 06th working day of the month following the reporting month).
Why is local communication limited with debt limit not having been exceeded?
In accordance with clause 40 of the Rules for the Provision and Receipt of Telecommunication Services, the payment for the telecommunication services rendered shall be made by the subscriber on a monthly basis no later than the 20th day of the month following the reporting period. The reporting period shall be a calendar month.
Why do I receive a written notice with no current debt available?
Under the Agreement terms, the services provided by the Company shall be paid before the 20th day of the month following the settlement one. In case of violation of the term of payment for communication services, a written notification is sent to the subscriber. Probably, the payment of the debt specified in the notification was made during the period when it was in the mailing list. We recommend timely payment for communication services.
Why the receipt does not indicate the direction of calls, and the subscriber must pay extra fee for this information (phone records)?
The current legislation does not provide for the form of the receipt, which should contain information about the direction of calls. At the request of the subscriber, for an additional fee, he/she may be provided with information about the held telephone conversations in the form of printouts or in the electronic form. This information contains data on the date, time, numbers of called phones, the duration and cost of calls. The subscriber can receive detailed information about the consumed services free of charge using the self-service website.
What is the procedure for appealing charges, the procedure for recalculation?
The subscriber needs to personally contact the Company’s customer service center and submit a written application, which must contain the following information: personal code or telephone number, period of charges, type of service, grounds for recalculation. The timeline for consideration of the application shall make 30 days from the date of application.
What is the procedure for providing communication services to a non-resident of the country?
To use an intercity and international communication service, a subscriber needs to have an advance payment of at least UAH 400 on the account, for using local communication services - at least UAH 1.
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