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July 13, 2022. Attention!


 Dear customers!


Starting from February 2022. LLC "VELTON.TELECOM" did not charge the telecommunications services provided and did not apply restrictions due to debt, thereby providing you with a credit of trust so that you could be in touch all the time. To date, invoices have been issued for services rendered, taking into account recalculations during the absence of access to telecommunications services (according to the information available to the Company) and we would like to remind you of the need to pay for consumed telecommunications services. Your timely payment of services gives the Company the opportunity to purchase the necessary materials and equipment to restore the network and services.


You can get up-to-date information about the amount of debt at the moment by sending a request to www.velton.ua@gmail.com with the indication of the Subscriber's name and personal account or personal code and specify the current email address. When making a payment, be sure to specify a personal account or a personal code in the purpose of payment for the correct crediting of funds.


In case of non-payment of arrears before 31.07.2022 The company may restrict access to telecommunications services.


For their part, the Company's specialists in difficult and dangerous conditions of war are doing everything possible to restore networks and replace equipment so that your homes have access to the Internet and telephone communications.


Thank you for your support and understanding during this difficult period and ask you to monitor the status of the account and pay for services until the 20th of the month.


Thank you for being with us!